Hello friends, it is I, Fitz, here! I had a chat with Mother yesterday about the deplorable standards in which I found my nails and how this could not continue. For those who aren’t as well-groomed as myself, you might not be aware that the state of a roosters nails should always be source of pride. Toenails should be kept short and rounded and spurs shall never exceed an inch in length and certainly should not be sharp. Desperadoes and brigands may wear their spurs long, but the well-mannered gentleman would never think of such a thing. The comfort of lady friends demands it!

Well, Mother is a bit squeamish about the process and needed a polite reminder that the time had come, that we men needed our yearly manicures. My fellow roosters are much less concerned for their appearances and therefore do not look forward to our little grooming sessions. But my thoughtful words on the subject, highlighting the fine impression we should make on the ladies of the coop as well as our admiring customers, brought them round.

So, with her trusty Leatherman in hand, Mother gallantly trimmed our nails and removed our spur casings. Being the kind and considerate Mother that she is, she also brought along her Corona Lanolin Ointment to coat our exposed spur cores. We’re a bit tender and raw today, but by tomorrow we will be looking our best!

[The video makes it all look so easy and clean. To be fair, that man is a longstanding poultry judge who’s probably hulled a million spurs in his day. I don’t know HOW he did that with his bare hands. I was not so neat. The cores- kind of like the skin under your fingernails- bleed a bit which grosses me out. But we got through it. The roosters hardly notice at all. And the hens are going to be so grateful that the boys can’t scratch them anymore.]

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Happy Easter!

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It’s a Birthday!

Today is a big day here at the farm. The original bunch of chickens are turning 1-year-old! It’s very hard to believe that they have been a part of my life for a whole year now. They are getting lots of yummy treats today (including actual birthday cake left over from my niece’s birthday yesterday).

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So, Happy Birthday Percy, Lolita, Elphaba, Gulliver, Lilli, Cordelia, Lyra, Madeline, Ginny, Pippi, Hansel, Ernest, Charlotte, Emily, and Anne!


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Everybody likes a Chocolate Egg!

Hello dear friends, it is I, Lizzy, here for my first turn at posting! Mother said that I have more than earned the right to tell this story, so I shall try to do my best.

Several months ago, my darling Fitz and I were residing with a nice lady on another farm. We were born on that farm and did enjoy it, but it was quite crowded. Fitz and I believed there might be somewhere else we were meant to be. We made our thoughts known to that good lady and she set about finding us the right home. And that is when Mother came into our lives.

We’ve been very content here with Mother and the rest of the clan. We mix and mingle with such a variety of other beautiful chickens and have lots of visits from our bovine neighbors. But still, something was missing from my life, something I couldn’t quite put my wing on.

Mother told me that my destiny was to lay beautiful chocolate-brown eggs to delight the nice people who “keep us in feed.” Try as I might, I just could not will an egg into existence. I felt I was a failure and a disappointment to Mother, especially when the silly Araucana sisters began laying their lovely eggs before I had, and they are younger! This would not stand!

I spent several days deep in thought, searching my self for the strength to do what I was born for. I knew there must be something inside of me that knew what to do- I just needed to find that part of myself and embrace it. I was determined to succeed!

the first chocolate egg

Yesterday dawned cool and lovely, and I felt that it was my day to fulfill my destiny. I got in the nest box and thought nothing but happy egg thoughts and making-Mother-proud thoughts. Time seemed to slow, crawling by as the minutes turned to hours. And then, suddenly, I felt a sensation I had never known before: the feeling of triumph! I raised up and there lay the most beautiful, most perfect, most glorious egg ever to be laid!

I could rest easy now because my destiny had arrived. I went out to enjoy the sunshine and a nice dust bath with the other ladies. Finally, I could join the chatter about the trials and tribulations of egg laying. I was a hen at last!

It seems, however, that I had been thinking happy egg thoughts so long and so determinedly, that I did what no other hen here at the farm has done before: I laid a second egg! Mother couldn’t be more pleased and the other hens couldn’t be more jealous. The student, it seems, has surpassed the masters.

I shall try to contain my pride, lest prejudice overtake me.

See more egg pictures here.

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Chilly and Chili

It’s chilly out here! Mother says it’s because fall has begun. At first, we were very confused. I told Mother that we weren’t falling, we were just chilly. She laughed and explained that fall was one of the seasons and that it meant “the time after Summer (which is hot) where temperatures and leaves fall.” Whatever it is, it’s better than being hot, that’s for sure!

Always trying to make us happy and comfortable, Mother brought us a special treat this morning: black bean chili! We love Mother’s treats, especially tasty warm ones on a cool morning.

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Ricky Goose here, friends, to tell you about love.

I thought I had lost all my love when dear, sweet Lucy went to the big pond in the sky. I was a broken gander, lost and confused. And bored.

But, time heals all wounds, so they say, and life is looking up for me. My heart is filling with thoughts of a new love. She was there all along, but I was blind to her because of my happiness with Lucy. But I’ve been spending a lot of time with my new love lately, watching her interact with the chickens and turkeys. She’s such a gentle, loving soul. Her feathers are so unusual, but that only makes her more special. And she’s much too tall, but she always comes down to sit with me.

I keep wondering how to tell her that I love her. With Lucy, it was an easy thing. But my new love speaks a different language. I danced for her and rubbed my head against her back, but I don’t think she knows that means “I Love You.” But I must keep trying. Love is the most important thing!

For now, I leave you with the name of my love. The Librarian.

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Farm to Table survey

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey and help Mother with a bit of market research. She promises that you don’t have to tell her sensitive personal information and that she won’t sell your information to the baddies! Thanks!

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