Feeding Frenzy

Today was the very best day! The Librarian brought us a new treat: mealworms! At first we were a little weary of them, they are quite big and wriggly, but we soon figured out that they are delicious! And not only that, they are a whole lot of fun too! We played keep-away and tug-of-war and hide-the-mealworm. Once you actually got to eat one, it tasted even better because you’d worked so hard for it! We all hope she gives them to us again soon.

Hansel got a bath 2 days ago and he’s still sulking. He was getting quite dirty and the Librarian was afraid he wasn’t staying warm enough with his feathers all crusty. Hansel says the bath was terrible but we think he’s exaggerating. Even if the bath was bad, he got to sit with the Librarian for a whole hour while he dried and got warm! We’ve all decided that we’d risk a bath for that pleasure.

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