Home, Sweet Temporary Home

Last night was a big milestone for us: We slept outside, all by ourselves! Mother and the helper Librarians built us a temporary coop since we were getting way too big to carry outside everyday for fieldtrips. Plus, we’d eaten most of the grass in the dog yard! So they built us a little coop and yard where the future Reading Room (home to all the future Bibliophile Chicks) will be. The first day we just got to run around in the yard but went back inside to sleep since the fencing wasn’t completely done.

Last night was the big night, the moment of truth. Were we brave enough to spend the whole night outside? Of course! Did you ever doubt us? Mother came out bright and early to give us breakfast and tell us how proud she was that we were growing up. (She only checked on us 5 times last night.)

Today will be our first full day outside and we are very excited. We’re going to eat bugs and dig holes and take dirt baths all day long. Just hope Mother brings out some afternoon snacks. Being grown up makes you hungry!

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