Lunch on the Range

Mother came out at lunchtime and told us we had to find our own. We were a little confused, and irritated, but she promised us we would love it. And then she did something she’s never done before: she threw open the door to the yard and said “Have at it!”

We didn’t waste any time making a beeline for all that fresh, green clover. It tasted so good! And there were more bugs to chase after. And we could run up and down the hill playing keep-away when we found worms. It was amazing. When it was time to go home, Mother threw us cheese worms* and we hightailed it straight back to our own yard to gobble them up. It was a great afternoon.

The Librarian is such a smart woman.

* Cheese worms are shredded cheese. Chickies go crazy for it.

first time free ranging

yummy, a picnic!

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