Snow Day!

It’s our first snow here at the Coop Library and we’re having a blast. We weren’t sure what to do at first. We’ve read a lot about snow in our books, but reading about it and experiencing it are two very different things. The Lead Lunch Lady (Mother again) had set out some goodies for us, but we just didn’t know if we could walk out into that big white world. Amelia (yours truly) was the first to venture out, and naturally the rest had to follow; no one wants to look uninformed (or worse, chicken…)!

We found that the snow was lovely. You can play in it and eat it and watch it fall on the horses. The Lead Lunch Lady had strewn hay around our yard for us to snuggle in and snack on and she even hid oatmeal in it for us to find! We had a glorious morning finding all our treats and snatching snowflakes off each others backs! Hope it snows tomorrow too!

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