We’re all really, really worried. We don’t know what to do. We’re scared, too.

Yesterday, after our first snow, Mother took us out into the yard as usual. We were only out about an hour because Mother was getting cold and it was getting dark. On our way back to the coop, Mother noticed one of the Wyandotte girls was far behind the rest of the group. When she investigated, she noticed that she was limping. Being the concerned Mother that she is, she scooped the straggler up and began a thorough check of her leg and foot, but she couldn’t find anything wrong.

Mother put us all to bed and then took the limping lady into the big house with her. We were a little worried, but also a little jealous that she was getting so much extra attention from Mother (we’re trying not to be petty). This morning, Mother said that she was worried that it was more serious than an injured foot. She didn’t want us to worry because she’s taking very good care of our distressed sister, but she wanted us to be informed. She’s most worried that the limping may be caused by a virus that could make all of us very sick. So we are to watch over each other very carefully and let Mother know the moment something strange happens.

It was not the best way to end such a wonderful, snowy day. We’re trying to be brave and not worry. But sometimes that can be hard to do.

The little girl seems to be fine but there are worries about Mareks Disease. The chickies weren’t vaccinated because we’re an organic farm. We’ve taken every measure to reduce the chances, but you can’t guarantee that they won’t get it. Luckily, she shows no symptoms other than the limping, and she is still using the leg a little which means complete paralysis hasn’t happened. Those are good signs. I’m monitoring her in the house and closely watching the rest of the birds for any signs. Just keep her in your thoughts and hopefully we’ll come through this in good shape. I’ve never hoped for a leg injury more… -The Librarian

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