Whacky Weather

Several nights last week, it got below freezing. Saturday we had our first snow. Yesterday came torrential downpours. Today it was 65° F and sunny, but insanely windy. What could be next?

Today was fun though. Gulliver and the other Orpingtons looked really silly with their feathers sticking every which way. Hansel and Gretel nearly got blown out of the run! We all spent a lot of time running inside to get out of the wind, but it was too nice to stay in for long.

Our injured Wyandotte sister is still in the Big House with Mother. We’ve been keeping a very good eye on one another and no one has gotten sick. We’re relieved and can’t wait to have our sister back with us.

The little Wyandotte girl is doing well, but still limping. I feel like we’re out of the woods with the Marek’s scare, but I don’t want to let my guard down either. She’s got a good appetite still and gets around fairly well, but the bad foot looks like it has a really deep, nasty bruise. I’m watching it closely, but since she isn’t in pain, I think this is just something we’ll have to wait out.

-The Librarian

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