Some Chickens Have No Shame

We’ve been busy helping Mother with the new Library. Well, we don’t have hands, so it’s more of the emotional support kind of help. And we have lots of ideas, of course. Mother says that tomorrow should be the move in day, and boy are we excited. It really is a beautiful Library!

After the Helper Librarians left today, Mother had enough free time that she got to come sit with us for an hour or so. She’s been so busy that we haven’t gotten to see her much, so we were all really excited and wanted her attention. She even brought some bread and veggies for our afternoon snack.

Lilli and Cordelia decided that they would become lap chickens and hog all the love. Really, some chickens just have no shame! It is completely acceptable to crowd Mother for your share of the treats and head pats, but it is completely unacceptable to sit in her lap for 30 minutes, in a very unchicken-like manner, and go all gooey with pleasure! We all let it slide when it was Hansel, since he is a Silkie and really can’t help being a little bit silly. (Have you seen his hair? Enough said.) But Orpingtons are real chickens and ought to know better! (Mother can’t help but fall for their charms, of course. Humans are susceptible to that sort of thing.)

Mother said that our injured sister is doing pretty well, but is still limping. Mother says her name is Madeline, after the little girl from the story. You know, the one with Miss Clavel (who reminds us a little bit of Mother) and the girls in the “two straight lines.” Madeline can come rejoin us once we move to the new Library, but she’ll still have to stay in her hospital pen so none of us accidentally hurt her. It will be good to have her back, and even better when she can run around in the yard with us again!

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