Technical Difficulties

While the new Coop Library was completed the other day, several things have kept us from getting the chickies moved into their new home. Between work and party planning and rain, we just haven’t found the time to get the fence up for the new yard.

Today, we were supposed to have a party here at the Big House. It was something we’d been planning for a while. Of course, things are never as simple as that when you live in the country. After a whole day of hard rain, it started to flood, so we rescheduled. One crisis averted.

I’d been out periodically to check on the chickens, who were soaking wet but seemed to be rather enjoying themselves (especially their yogurt/cheese/kale/bologna parfait). And then, at 4:30 pm, just before the chickies put themselves to bed for the night, crisis two struck- it started snowing (while it continued to rain)…. and then a tree limb fell onto their temporary coop and smashed a big hole in the roof.

So I now had 21 soaking wet chickens standing in the snow with their house quickly filling with slush in the rapidly approaching darkness, during a flood. The only thing to do was to move them immediately, ready or not. The Coop Library is big enough, luckily, that they can stay inside for a few days until the rain quits and we get the fence up. So I rounded up all 21 of them, popped them into a giant dog crate, loaded them into the truck, and headed for the cow field where the Coop Library (which is mobile) is currently residing.

Naturally, they were not so keen on being chucked into a strange place in the dark while they were wet and cold, but I got them as settled as I could. I threw in lots of hay to keep them warm and give them someplace cushy to sleep since I wasn’t sure they would try the high roosts without some encouragement. Quick headcount and I was out the door. As was worried beyond belief, but they were better off there than the alternative.

And then I got the truck stuck…. it’s just been one of those days!

– The Librarian

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