Two posts in a row! I seem to be stealing the chickies blog!

Actually, I’m posting today because our typical blogger is having some personal issues. Well, they are really my issues, but we need to get them figured out before the chickies get back to blogging.

I schlepped out to the Coop Library this morning to check on everyone and take them some warm water. As soon as I opened the door, there they were, all 21 of them, warm and dry and looking quite pleased. Their new home seems to be a success!

As I was getting their breakfast straightened out, I heard this sound behind me that, at first, I couldn’t place. And then it dawned on me- one of the roosters had just crowed! It was the first time I’d heard one of my chickies crow! They aren’t even 3 months old yet!

Naturally, I stared at them, willing whoever it was to do it again. And they did! One chickie stood apart from the others and made a fairly decent imitation of a crow. One beautiful, white and red Easter Egger- Amelia……

That’s right. Amelia crowed. Now, it wasn’t much of a crow. Roosters have to practice before they get good at it. But really, I’m hoping against all hope that it was really just a particularly loud hen cackle… I just can’t make myself believe Amelia is a boy. I watched so very closely for all the signs. Where are the sickle feathers? Ok, so I’m possibly deep in denial. But it’s going to be hard if I have to stop thinking of her/him as Amelia. And even harder if Jane decides to be a man-chicken as well.

– The Librarian

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