Exploring New Land

Gulliver here! I’m taking it upon myself to relate the events of the day, seeing as how there was adventure involved (you can’t trust the girls to get the details right).

Today, the Helper Librarians came and put up the fence for our new yard. It’s big and full of grass. After days of being cooped up because of bad weather, we got to venture outside again! It was a tad confusing at first because we were in a place we’d never seen before (when we arrived it was dark and snowing), but everyone quickly adjusted. They were following my lead, of course.

When the Helper Librarians opened the (chicken sized) door we all rushed for it, but most of my fellow chickens aren’t as brave as me and they got scared. Naturally, I pushed my way through to the front, stuck my head out for a quick reconnaissance, and hopped right out. Lyra and Amelia (or is her/his name Emerson?), being braver than most, soon followed, and that gave the others some courage. Finally, we were all outside enjoying the glorious sunshine!

There were so many new things to explore! In our old yard, we could see the horses, but they were far off in their own field so we had no interaction with them. Our new home is in the middle of their field, and there are cows! The horses came over and tried to stick their heads over our fence but it was too tall for them. We eyed each other warily. I still haven’t decided if they shall be our friends.

One nice thing about horses and cows: their poop piles that are in our yard are full of grass seeds and other yummy bits. Mother told us it was a little gross that we were tearing through those piles so excitedly, but that didn’t stop us.

There is also a creek right next to our yard, and we all stood quietly listening to the sounds it made… for a whole 3 minutes! I told Lyra that I thought I heard it calling my name, but she doesn’t believe me.

The Librarian’s Father (one of the Helper Librarians) decided that we needed to go back in the Coop Library early so that Mother could go take care of the Littlest Librarian (her niece). He is a big, gruff man and we were a little bit intimidated by him. Mother told us he’s really a big softy, but we didn’t want to stick around to find out. Gretel was especially afraid, as she is so very tiny and he is so very not tiny! We found it prudent to take ourselves off to bed early rather than linger.

But tomorrow is another day… another day of ADVENTURE conquering our new land! I will keep you posted on what the creek has to say next.

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