Other Handy Uses of Cow Poop

Gulliver again. Today we discovered another use for cow poop: it makes a really great dirt bath! We all had a turn and it was wonderful. Mother said she wasn’t even going to comment.

A couple of us found a small hole in the fence and went on an adventure today. It was me and Gretel and Lyra and one of the unnamed Wyandotte boys. The grass was pretty much the same outside of the fence as inside, but exploring was fun.

And then we couldn’t get back inside! We walked around the fence a few times looking for the hole, but we didn’t find it. We were hiding under the coop when Mother came to check on us. Boy were we glad to see her! And she had treats! She got us settled back inside the fence and we spent the rest of the day playing with the others (who were very glad we were back) and rolling in the cow pies.

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