It’s freezing here! The poor chickies seem to be pulling through admirably, but I’m feeling terrible about them out there in the cold. I mean, it’s 10° F (-12° C)! It almost never gets this cold here.

I just got up to go check on them and felt the need to share the insanity of this cold snap. Hopefully this won’t last long… if it does I will probably end up with a bunch of bibliophile birds in the basement!

– The Librarian

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2 Responses to FREEZING!

  1. Jim says:

    Be safe, little chickies. The Librarian loves you and will look after you, no matter how cold it gets.

    Have you heard of the concept of figure-skating? Ask the Librarian to explain it to you. I think you would be good at it.

  2. The chickies wanted me to thank you for your concern, Jim! They have, in fact, held up well. It seems we are through the worst of it and it’s bearable out there now.

    They did give figure-skating a try, but inadvertently. One of the Helper Librarians dumped their water bowl IN the yard instead of outside it one night and there was a nice frozen puddle the next morning. Luckily, no injuries… the chickies are decidedly NOT good at figure-skating!

    -The Librarian

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