Dear Chickens (and people) of Haiti: We Love You

Lilli here, representing a very sad bunch of chickens. The Librarian told us about the terrible earthshaking that happened in a place called Haiti. We’d never heard of Haiti before and we had lots of questions?

  • Are there chickens in Haiti?
  • Do they have people that love them?
  • What will happen to them now?
  • Is there anything we can do?

Mother was very informative, as usual. She said that there were lots of chickens, and lots of people who loved them, in Haiti. She told us about how poor Haiti was and, because of that, how important chickies could be to people. She explained that when people have little money, chickens provide a lot of needed nutrients and calories through eggs, an almost free source of life-sustaining food. We felt very proud of our Haitian brothers and sisters after hearing that.

She also told us that many many people are going to need even more help now that such a terrible thing has happened. They have lost everything: loved ones, their homes, their ability to survive. But she reassured us that Haitians, people and chickens alike, are strong and determined. They are already out in the rubble looking for people to rescue. It’s our job, now, to support them while they are suffering and to help them rebuild their lives.

Mother would like to go to Haiti as a volunteer, but she doesn’t think that it will happen. She said that sometimes it’s frustrating when you want really badly to help and you can’t. So, for now we are sending whatever little bit of money we can spare. Mother sent some to the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders, and we’re sending some to Heifer International to help get chickies back to people who love (and need) them.

More than anything, though, we’re sending our thoughts and our love to everyone down there. To all the Haitians who have been affected, to the aid workers who are putting themselves in harms way to help out, and to all those chickies who might not know where home is right now, we love you.

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