What We’ve Been Up To

Lilli again! Sorry we’ve been so bad about keeping up with our blog. We’ve been very preoccupied. I’m going to do my best to fill you in on what’s been going down on the home front!

The last week of January, Madeline got to come back to live with us! She has to stay in her own “safe” section of the coop because of the big boys (more on that later), but only a wall of chicken wire separates us and we get to chat constantly. She’s doing well, but her leg (which ended up being a dislocated knee that would never heal correctly) will never be exactly right. Her foot is turned in a little, so she hops more than walks. That hasn’t slowed her down though! She’s a pretty fast hopper!

Mother decided that the Silkies could be Madeline’s roommates and they’ve all been getting along well. Gretel seems a little peeved that she can’t try to boss us all around anymore, but Hansel is having a blast. With the other boys out of the way, he’s decided he’s a big bad crowing machine! It’s really funny to watch him crow (and even funnier to hear it)!

The Coop Library has gone mobile twice now.*It’s a little scary when it starts moving, but when it stops and Mother opens the door, it’s HEAVEN! Fresh grass and new things to explore! Now if only it would stop snowing and raining long enough for us to enjoy it fully…

The Big Boys have gotten BIG! We’re all 4½ months old now and they think they are grown up, manly chickens. All us girls know better, but it doesn’t help to tell them that. A few of the Big Boys are starting to be bullies and Mother says that means it’s time for them to go to Freezer Camp. We still haven’t figured out where this camp is or what goes on there, but if it means the mean boys will stop picking on us, then it sounds like a good place. The biggest and meanest, one of the Orpingtons (not Gulliver), was particularly bad to Madeline. He attacked her as soon as Mother let her out with us in the yard. Mother had to put Madeline back on her side of the Coop Library so she would be safe. Once that baddie is gone to Freezer Camp, she says, Madeline can come back out to play.

Last week, Mother was telling us about Valentine’s Day and apparently the boys took the “romance” part to heart. They’ve been making some certain advances that us ladies aren’t completely sure how to feel about yet. Mother says it’s all part of growing up and that it’s nothing to be ashamed of, but she doesn’t let the boys jump on her and bite her neck so I don’t think she knows what she’s talking about. At least on this subject.

Mother also had a long talk with us about how its high time we starting paying the rent and giving her some presents. We’ve been thinking very hard about what we could give her, but the lack of thumbs means making grass baskets (the only thing we can think of since grass is what we have the most of) is an impossibility. She said that since the boys have started thinking about romance that our contributions are probably just around the corner. The connection truly eludes us.

Oh, the final, and most upsetting bit of news (for Mother) is that Amelia and Jane are BOTH BOYS! Of course, we knew this all along, but she was genuinely shocked. Amelia and Jane are awfully funny names for boys, but Mother can’t decide on new ones yet. The worst part is that only one Easter Egger boy gets to stay with us while the others go to Freezer Camp. That has made Mother very sad. She says it’s a hard decision and that she has to do what’s best for all of us and not be “swayed by unruly sentimentality”- her words.

Ok, that’s enough for tonight. We’ll try really hard to keep on top of our work so none of you are disappointed in us!

*It should have been moved more but the weather has been insane and made it impossible.

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