Hansel the (tiniest) Hero

Madeline and Hansel

Hello, it’s Madeline today! I finally have something interesting to share after the months of being stuck inside while my leg healed. As you may know, I’ve been stuck in the “safe room” in the coop for about a month, cut off from everyone except for Hansel and Gretel who get to sleep over.  The first attempt at my (re)debut a few weeks ago was not a success, as the Big Boys (and even some of the girls) picked on me mercilessly.

Today, Mother decided it was time to let me out in the yard again since the worst Big Boys have moved up to the Big House to await their trip to Freezer Camp tomorrow. Anyway, I was rather excited about getting to run around outside, but still nervous about what might happen. Mother sat me down in the yard and I was almost instantly attacked (not as aggressively as last time, but still not fun). Two of the boys, Ernest and (the rooster formerly known as) Amelia, jumped on my back and grabbed my neck. I wasn’t fast enough to get away from them and they were HEAVY. I’m a dainty girl and they are HUGE.

I was starting to panic and Mother was coming to my rescue just as I heard Hansel scream and jump onto (the rooster formerly known as) Amelia’s back. He’s even smaller than I am but he fought for my honor and safety like he was the biggest of Big Boys. He got both of them off of me and even stood his ground when they came back again. But he couldn’t hold them off forever, so Mother grabbed me up and put me back where I was safe. It was a very frightening but thrilling adventure.

When Mother put Hansel and Gretel back in with me tonight, I made sure to give Hansel lots of extra affection and even let him snuggle under my wing, something I don’t usually tolerate. I think he might be my knight in shining gray feathers. He was wonderful!

It really was the most amazing thing to see little Hansel stand his guard over one of his ladies. The boys often harass him a bit and I’ve never seen him stand up to them before. But today, there was no hesitation. He charged in to that pile of flailing giant chicken like Hercules himself. It sure touched my heart!

– The Librarian

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