Did someone say (book)worm?

Gretel here. I finally insisted that I be given a chance to narrate one of these blog posts. I should have taken over long ago, but I was much to bust keeping everyone in line. Now that I’ve been relegated to the safe room with Hansel and Madeline, I don’t have nearly as much to do (they are easy to boss around) so blogging sounded like a plan of action.

Anyway, I’m only here to inform our readers that we’ve finally relegated Mother to her own blog. She kept taking up space on our blog with her own thoughts and ramblings when she should have stuck with what we told her to write. Mothers, much less Librarians, can rarely be trusted with important matters such as these.

If you are interested (for some bizarre reason) in what she has to say, you will find her over at The Barnyard Bookworm. I can’t imagine you will linger long, so we will have plenty for you to read when you return.

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