A Nice Little Interlude

This afternoon, Mother decided to give the girls a break from the advances of the Big Boys, so they got locked up in time-out (Madeline’s room) while I, Hansel, got to cavort with the girls in the yard, even Madeline! With the Big Boys out of the way, the girls seemed much more relaxed and everyone got down to some serious (uninterrupted) foraging. Madeline is still nervous being out in the yard, but the other girls were very considerate of her. They chased her a little bit when she did her funny run/hop, but they didn’t attack her like they did when the Big Boys were around. She also figured out that when she is scared she can jump up into the doorway that leads from the yard into her room. When it’s closed, there is only room for one chicken, so she’s safe up there. I made sure to look after her since that is my duty as her rooster! It was all very exciting.

Madeline and Hansel

Unfortunately, the Big Boys couldn’t be civil to each other for very long stuck in time-out. They were making quite a ruckus in there and started beating each other up. I thought they deserved a little taste of their own medicine, but Mother, being the tenderhearted woman she is, was worried that they would seriously hurt one another, so that was the end of our peace and quite. Those Big Boys sure are pains! They should strive to be more like a bantam rooster- considerate of their ladies, protective of the weak, playful with Mother, and much better looking. I mean, Ernest is the only one who even has feathers on his feet and even he doesn’t have a beautiful topknot, so how can they even be called roosters? Being a gentleman is how I get private alone time with ALL the girls while they get locked up in time-out. But they won’t listen to my advice. There are some things you just can’t teach, I guess.

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