The Mr. Easter Egger Pageant

So, the time has finally come to make some decisions about which Easter Egger boy gets to stay and which ones have to go. As I said in a previous post, help making this decision would be wonderful, so, I present to you

The Mr. Easter Egger Pageant!

Winning Contestant must be:

  • attractive
  • gentlemanly
  • a good breeder

  • The Contestants are: click on the names for more photos

  • (the rooster formerly known as) Amelia: Amelia was my favorite chick. She was always the first to do everything and extremely curious. As she grew up, she turned into a particularly attractive bird. And then I realized Amelia was a boy… As a rooster, Amelia is the most aggressive of the three, both in mating and towards the other roosters, but not toward me.
  • (the rooster formerly known as) Amelia

  • (the rooster formerly known as) Jane: Jane was always impressively large. She was never as friendly as Amelia or as adventurous, but he size always set her apart. And she turned into a beautiful bird. And then I realized that Jane, too, was a boy… As a rooster, Jane is the least aggressive in general of the three. He is the most aloof towards me. But also the biggest and one of the prettiest.

    (the rooster formerly known as) Jane

  • (the rooster not formerly known as anything): This bird was never one of my favorites. As he grew up, I did start to notice that he was an attractive bird, but I wasn’t sure that I wanted to keep any EE roos, so I didn’t spend a lot of time with him. He is probably the best behaving of the 3, not particularly aggressive with the others, but interested in mating. He does have a gorgeous black/bottle green tail. He and Amelia are about the same size.
  • (the rooster not formerly known as anything)

    What I need you to do: Review the Contestants and vote on the bird you think meets the requirements for the position and/or the bird you like the most! You can vote more than once if you really want to. Feel free to leave some comments on why you think the one you picked is a winner.

    Voting has ended. Thank you!

    – The Librarian

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    2 Responses to The Mr. Easter Egger Pageant

    1. tina says:

      #3, he is gorgeous and gentle…I have a cuckoo maran rooster who is too aggressive with his ladies and leaving lots of bald backs!

    2. Wild Hens says:

      Amelia is the prettiest, imo, hands down and has best tail. However, long term, dealing with a cock that ignores you, as Jane does, is easier to deal with than anything aggressive. Plus if meat is factor, a bigger cock will give you bigger chicks in the future. My 3 cocks of the same breed as yours all ignore me so far and that makes me entirely happy because cocks (speckled Sussex) that see me and come attack me from 30 yards away scare me.

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