We finally figured out what “paying the rent” and “laying presents” means. I, Madeline, would like to announce that I am officially a grown up- I laid my first egg today! I have never seen Mother so pleased! Unfortunately, I got beat to the punch. One of the EE girls beat me by a single day.

Mother had stopped thinking about eggs (well, she tried really hard and did a pretty good job of not thinking about eggs), hoping that if she stopped expecting them they would appear. Naturally, that is what happened. So yesterday, she came out to feed us and let us out into the yard as usual. She brought my food to me back in the safe room and was filling my waterer when she just happened to glance to her right, over in the corner under the nest shelves in the main part of the coop. Something caught her eye, but at first she dismissed it as part of the feed bag the Big Boys destroyed the other day. But something about it seemed different. She finished up with me and went over to investigate. She stood there for a second just staring at it. And then she started giggling!

the first egg! (with a store-bought on the right)

It was a beautiful light green egg! It was a little smaller than a large store-bought egg and a bit more pointed, but it was perfect! Mother scooped it up, put it in her nice soft jacket pocket and instantly gave the EE girls some special attention and treats. We were all a little jealous and wanted to do whatever we could to also make Mother that happy.

it's pretty big for a first egg (the one on the top)

This morning, I thought long and hard about being the best little chickie I could be. I know the others don’t think I’m very important since I have a bad leg and live in the safe room, but I wanted to prove that Mother’s faith in me was worthwhile. I was thinking and thinking and thinking and then started to feel a little funny. My tummy felt heavy and I felt a strong urge to climb in my bed of hay. And then I realized… this must be it! I must be about to prove Mother right!

I sat in my hay bed for a few minutes and then, as if by magic (because a lady never shares indelicate details), there was a little brown egg! It wasn’t as big as the green one and it wasn’t as perfect but it was mine- my wonderful gift to Mother. I felt so proud. I hoped all the other girls could see it from their perch, and I hoped they were jealous.

the second egg! (with store-bought on the right)

Mother came in to do her feeding and watering and I stood next to my hay bed, waiting patiently for her to notice. She came in my room and looked over at me and DROPPED MY FEED! She was so surprised that the cup slide right out of her hand. She scooped me up and gave me lots of chin scratches and kind words. She was almost crying! I cooed to her and knew that I had done my job, and very well at that. Don’t ever underestimate the differently-abled!

they are beautiful!

I’m so excited and proud of my girls!

– The Librarian

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