Harmony… finally

It’s been rather peaceful around the coop lately. Mother had been keeping the Big Boys up most of the time to allow us girls to continue our “hen party” undisturbed. We got rather used to it and hesitated to let the boys come back to join us in that yard. We begged Mother to find some solution to our problem.

Like a good Mother, she didn’t fail us. The rooster-formerly-known-as-Jane got sent to freezer camp (finally) and the rooster-not-formerly-known-as-anything went to live with a new family, where he has now become the rooster-known-as- Marbles! His new family is very excited about his beautiful bottle-green tail and his impressive feather stylings. Now that he is gone, us girls do lament the loss of that most handsome tail…

The only Big Boys left are Gulliver, Ernest, and the former Amelia (who still needs a new name). Now that we outnumber them 12 to 3, they are much better behaved. We got used to having the yard to ourselves and we aren’t relinquishing it to the boys any time soon.

The biggest problem now is that Hansel keeps picking fights with Ernest, the biggest of the Big Boys. Hansel can definitely hold his own, but Ernest has the benefit of height. That gave him the perfect angle from which to peck off a piece of Hansel’s comb. It was very bloody and Mother has had to separate Hansel until it heals. Hopefully by then he will have learned a lesson- if you want to be David to Ernest’s Goliath, it helps to have a slingshot!

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7 Responses to Harmony… finally

  1. Jim says:

    Whoops, all the best to Hansel; that’s got to hurt.

    May I suggest that the former Amelia adopt the name Marco?

  2. I can’t name one of them after a footballer! Then it’d be “The Bibliophile Birds and that one footballer guy…” 😉

  3. Jim says:

    Fair enough. You want literary, I’ve got literary. I now suggest that TRFKA Amelia adopt the name Stan

  4. Jim says:

    I’m still on the case. How is TRFKA’s crowing, is it melodic? Musical is almost the same as literary, no? All the photos I can find are B&W so I don’t know about the red-headedness, but what do you think about Billy Lee? It resonates with ‘Ameleeia’ and, as a bonus, with gender (mis-)identification notes.

    I know you have your country’s Memorial Day coming up in May, but spare us a thought on Sunday as we commemorate (not celebrate) ANZAC Day.


    • Can it really be that time of year again? If memory serves, it was the aforementioned linguistic slip that started off our little friendship. Well, since I can’t wish you a celebratory ANZAC Day, how about this: HAPPY REMEMBRANCE OF GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER DAY!!!!

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