Cha Cha Changes….

Gretel has decided to show us all up and sit on a nest. Mother is infinitely impressed with her and it’s a bit irritating to the rest of us. She started out acting funny Sunday night. She actually growled when Mother tried to move her out of the nest box! Monday, Mother put her in the back room with Madeline and she did nothing but run back and forth along the divider trying to get back to her (now empty) nest. Mother felt bad so she gave her some eggs to sit on and she plopped right down.

She’s been resolutely sitting on her 7 eggs ever since. She gets up when Mother brings breakfast every morning, has a bite to eat and a drink and gets right back to business. Her eggs are due to hatch on May 9th, so we’re hoping to have a few new faces in the flock.

Madeline has had a major setback. Her dislocated knee has slipped again and she now can’t stand on that leg at all. Mother took her up to the isolation coop at the house to give her some extra TLC. Hopefully something will change and she’ll get to come back to us. We miss her already!

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