Mother really, seriously, completely outdid herself today. She came to let us out and give us breakfast as usual and then she brought out a box. We weren’t really sure about this box thing. We like bags, because she brings treats in bags, but boxes could hold anything. We all stood very still to see what it could be.

Mother opened the top, put her hand inside, and pulled something out. And then she threw it at us! We panicked for a moment and then we smelled it… HAM! Our very, very favorite snack. We all made a dash for the pieces she had thrown out and many little games of tug-of-war began.We were so very happy.

And then Mother put her hand inside the box again. And out came… half of a honey baked ham!!!! Mother called us all over and told us that one of the people who buys our egg presents from us loved them so much that she brought us this very special present. To show our appreciation, we should eat it all up and make the most yummy egg presents from it.

We did Mother proud. When she came back tonight to put us to bed, all that was left were the bones. And tonight, we are all thinking happy, yummy egg thoughts!

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2 Responses to SNACKS!

  1. Chai Chai says:

    Chickens like ham, who knew? I can’t believe how much I have learned from reading other folks blogs.

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