Swimming Lessons

Ricky and Lucy Goose here, for our first official report from the farm! We’re really enjoying ourselves and settling in very nicely. We’re very fond of the Librarian and the Helper Librarians, but the jury is still out on some of the other residents: namely, Gus, Daisy, Molly, Doc, Ollie, Tommy, and Penny (otherwise known as “those dogs and cats,” respectively). We do, however, miss dear Mrs Karen and her Mr Gary and would like to say “HELLO FRIENDS!”

For the past few days, we’ve had the run of the yard, going wherever we like and eating all the yummy clover. It’s been very exciting. As we said, we’ve not decided how we feel about those dogs and cats, but they leave us alone for the most part (except for Tommy, who wants to play all the time) and a quick snap on the tush is usually enough to get rid of intruders.

Today, however, the Librarian told us she had a big surprise: we were going to have swimming lessons! She was excited and we didn’t have the heart to explain that geese don’t need swimming lessons, so we just went along with it. Off we went on our grand swimming adventure.

"You want us to GET in THERE?"

We decided, for the Librarian’s sake, that we’d give it a try.

Before high-tailing it back to the house.

The Librarian said she hadn’t realized that it was so muddy down there. The silly horses have created a disgusting quagmire and we weren’t about to get filthy wallowing around in there like swine! Just the little bit we did get in required a lot of scrubbing. (Please excuse all the loose feathers- we’re going through a bit of a molt.)

The Librarian didn’t get off so easy.

A trip to the spa or just another day on the farm?

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One Response to Swimming Lessons

  1. Chai Chai says:

    The more I read this the funnier it gets. The geese look so worried about how they look while cleaning up in the bucket after wallowing around in the mud.

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