Movin On Up (or out, rather)

Mother has been working very hard the past 2 days to build a new home for me and my chickies. I was very much looking forward to getting outside after being cooped up being motherly for the past 6 weeks. We think she did a very nice job!

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When Mother took us outside to set us up in our new home, she got a nasty surprise from the geese. I knew they had been hanging out next to the basement door watching us inside, but if I’d know what they were up to I would have given them a piece of my mind!

2 acres of yard and THIS is where they want to poop?!?!

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One Response to Movin On Up (or out, rather)

  1. Jim says:

    Make sure you tell Mother to be careful when she steps outside. That shi… er stuff’s slippery and she has a lot further to fall than you do.

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