Another round of introductions

Mother has been very busy. She loves us chickies so much that she wanted to bring a lot more home to enjoy. We thought it was a good idea, so we gave her the green light.

But sometimes Mother gets a little carried away. Three weeks ago there were just 16 of us chickens. 16 was a good number.

Then Mother adopted the 2 Splash Wyandottes and the 2 Tufted Roman geese. 20 was a good number.

The next day, Gretel hatched 5 chicks. 25 was still an ok number.

Last night, Lilli’s chicks started hatching. So far 5 of them have entered the world. 30 was a pretty big number.

Today, Mother went to the Amish community in Delano, TN, where they had birds that needed homes. So she adopted 3 Araucana girls and, because she couldn’t help herself, 2 Royal Palm turkey babies and 2 Bourbon Red turkey babies. 37 was starting to be a little scary.

On her way home from the Amish community, Mother stopped off to chat with a BYC member. She also had chickens that needed a new home, so Mother adopted a pair of Wheaten Marans, a boy and a girl. 39 seemed like insanity.

And then Mother remembered that there were 4 little eggs left to possibly hatch………….

Mother is taking a “personal moment” while she figures out what to do next. She looks a bit flustered. But also really, really happy to have all these birdies to love on!

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One Response to Another round of introductions

  1. Chai Chai says:

    WordPress slide shows are great. I like your portable cages. You have so much wonderful grassland that those cages make a lot of sense – and with 39+ birds you are going to need them!

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