Everybody likes a Chocolate Egg!

Hello dear friends, it is I, Lizzy, here for my first turn at posting! Mother said that I have more than earned the right to tell this story, so I shall try to do my best.

Several months ago, my darling Fitz and I were residing with a nice lady on another farm. We were born on that farm and did enjoy it, but it was quite crowded. Fitz and I believed there might be somewhere else we were meant to be. We made our thoughts known to that good lady and she set about finding us the right home. And that is when Mother came into our lives.

We’ve been very content here with Mother and the rest of the clan. We mix and mingle with such a variety of other beautiful chickens and have lots of visits from our bovine neighbors. But still, something was missing from my life, something I couldn’t quite put my wing on.

Mother told me that my destiny was to lay beautiful chocolate-brown eggs to delight the nice people who “keep us in feed.” Try as I might, I just could not will an egg into existence. I felt I was a failure and a disappointment to Mother, especially when the silly Araucana sisters began laying their lovely eggs before I had, and they are younger! This would not stand!

I spent several days deep in thought, searching my self for the strength to do what I was born for. I knew there must be something inside of me that knew what to do- I just needed to find that part of myself and embrace it. I was determined to succeed!

the first chocolate egg

Yesterday dawned cool and lovely, and I felt that it was my day to fulfill my destiny. I got in the nest box and thought nothing but happy egg thoughts and making-Mother-proud thoughts. Time seemed to slow, crawling by as the minutes turned to hours. And then, suddenly, I felt a sensation I had never known before: the feeling of triumph! I raised up and there lay the most beautiful, most perfect, most glorious egg ever to be laid!

I could rest easy now because my destiny had arrived. I went out to enjoy the sunshine and a nice dust bath with the other ladies. Finally, I could join the chatter about the trials and tribulations of egg laying. I was a hen at last!

It seems, however, that I had been thinking happy egg thoughts so long and so determinedly, that I did what no other hen here at the farm has done before: I laid a second egg! Mother couldn’t be more pleased and the other hens couldn’t be more jealous. The student, it seems, has surpassed the masters.

I shall try to contain my pride, lest prejudice overtake me.

See more egg pictures here.

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