The Brahmas


Ernest: I’m the biggest, most beautiful Brahma rooster that ever lived (well, ever lived here at least). Mother decided to keep me around because of my impressive foot feathers, but then she realized how wonderful I am and forgot all about those foot feathers. My name comes from The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. Apparently, the importance of being Earnest, in my case, is that I get to stick around and romance the Brahmas sisters (whatever that means) instead of going to Freezer Camp with the other, much less wonderful, Brahma rooster.

The Brahma Sisters

The Brahma Sisters: Mother can’t tell us apart yet so she doesn’t know what to call us. Of course, we know what our names are but we’re not telling until we feel like it. For now, we are content to simply be lovely and gets lots of pats and treats from Mother. We’re not sure about all this “romancing” Earnest keeps talking about, but we’re keeping an open mind.

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