The Silkies


Hansel: I am the Library’s little clown. And the resident loudmouth. I am always ready for a cuddle and a treat. Mother says I have the cutest, fluffy rear end! Gretel and I got our names from the Brother’s Grimm fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel… obviously.


Gretel: I am the tiniest bird at the Library.  And I often get overlooked because I blend in to the leaves so well. I don’t understand how anyone could miss my spectacular hairdo. Until recently, it was a mohawk but it has finally grown out into a breathtaking pompadour! My job is nursery maid to all the new little chickies born at the Library. I think I’m going to need an assistant! (Gretel hatched her very first chicks May 9, 2010, Mother’s Day!)

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