Hello friends, it is I, Fitz, here! I had a chat with Mother yesterday about the deplorable standards in which I found my nails and how this could not continue. For those who aren’t as well-groomed as myself, you might not be aware that the state of a roosters nails should always be source of pride. Toenails should be kept short and rounded and spurs shall never exceed an inch in length and certainly should not be sharp. Desperadoes and brigands may wear their spurs long, but the well-mannered gentleman would never think of such a thing. The comfort of lady friends demands it!

Well, Mother is a bit squeamish about the process and needed a polite reminder that the time had come, that we men needed our yearly manicures. My fellow roosters are much less concerned for their appearances and therefore do not look forward to our little grooming sessions. But my thoughtful words on the subject, highlighting the fine impression we should make on the ladies of the coop as well as our admiring customers, brought them round.

So, with her trusty Leatherman in hand, Mother gallantly trimmed our nails and removed our spur casings. Being the kind and considerate Mother that she is, she also brought along her Corona Lanolin Ointment to coat our exposed spur cores. We’re a bit tender and raw today, but by tomorrow we will be looking our best!

[The video makes it all look so easy and clean. To be fair, that man is a longstanding poultry judge who’s probably hulled a million spurs in his day. I don’t know HOW he did that with his bare hands. I was not so neat. The cores- kind of like the skin under your fingernails- bleed a bit which grosses me out. But we got through it. The roosters hardly notice at all. And the hens are going to be so grateful that the boys can’t scratch them anymore.]

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